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Explore dungeons, kill your enemies and find the treasure


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Desktop Dungeons is a simple dungeon crawler in which you will delve into hundreds of randomly generated dungeons to loot them while avoiding numerous enemies which inhabit them from finishing you off.

Even though gameplay has a lot to do with the more traditional RPG's in which you simply have to kill off enemies in order to go up levels, it also has some puzzle elements that turn it into a completely different experience.

Every time you move to a tile which you've never stepped on before you recover manna and life, so knowing where and when to move proves fundamental in some levels. This explains why the game is, at times, reminiscent of a great puzzle with magicians, animals, bad guys and swords.

Desktop Dungeons is a very entertaining game which, in spite of having very simple graphics, is extremely addictive. Hours and hours of fun for fans of the genre.
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